Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Transnational Crime Made a Trillion Dollars in 2016

Kevin Knodell, 'Transnational Crime Made a Trillion Dollars in 2016' War Is Boring Mar 29 2017, Politicians and cops are doing very little to stop it
The result is a global shadow economy that’s hard to trace, but whose windfalls often end up in the hands of unsavory characters. They use the money — which they often hide in shell corporations — to bribe politicians and finance insurgencies, hardening the conditions that allow lucrative criminal enterprises to function in the first place. “The international community has paid too little attention to combating the money in transnational crime, instead preferring to focus on the materials or the manifestations of the crimes,” GFI president Raymond Baker noted.
So, in antiquities cases, the authorities think it's enough to 'repatriate' the material evidencem, but not go after those responsible. Time after time. T[the authorities are accessories to the perpetuation of the crime. ;br -:

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