Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Christie’s to close South Kensington saleroom

Christie’s is closing one of its London salerooms at the end of 2017 and scaling back its operations in Amsterdam. This could mean laying off as many as 250 employees (12% of its staff). I hope that includes the supercilious Hooray Henry jerk that so unhelpfully answered my query over the so-called Crosby Garrett Helmet. This move is apparently caused not by people moving away from staff with an unpleasant lack of manners, but is blamed on:
a cooling European market [with] [...]  a shift in sales to new buyers from Europe to Asia and the USA. Christie’s is to open a new gallery in Los Angeles in April. ‘The art market is fast-evolving,’ said CEO Guillaume Cerutti. ‘We have been looking at the globalisation of the market in the last decade and need to be present and strong where the clients are.’
Note the emphasis on here 'new' buyers, on expanding the market. I will continue to think that, if my own treatment is anything to go by, it probably is their staff's attitudes that is the root of the problem.

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