Wednesday 28 August 2019

Chew Valley Hoard Finders Involved in Antiquities Trade!

On searching for more information on that 'unploughed field', we also find:
Coins.Earth 20 września 2016 · Adam Staples and Lisa Grace
are well-known metal-detectorists and coins and antiquities experts who've joined Hansons (Auctioneers in Derbyshire, UK) with a new auction Historica, Adan N Lisa are experienced workers with FLOs, UK Detector finds database, museums and the whole field. They are planning to be on the-saleroom. They've mentioned Richard III and Offa and the South Derbyshire Roman hoard. [ 28 more words ]
The Independent says Mr Staples 'works providing auction consultations', here he is, doing his stuff. Here they both are, doing it again. And now, I see I have written about this pair of ill-dressed 'specialists' from UKDFD before

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