Thursday 8 August 2019

Outrageous Lack of Archaeological Outreach, at Public Expense

PAS cat

There is a lot of  'raising awareness among the public of the educational value of archaeological finds in their context'  and 'increasing active public involvement in [real] archaeology' going on here:
Portable Antiquities @findsorguk · 8 August
It's #InternationalCatDay which gives us an excuse to share a find with you! So, here is an 11th century bridle bit link with a cat's head decoration. Found in Devon, full record here: #cats #Devon [photo]

Portable Antiquities @findsorguk · 8 August
It's also #CycleToWorkDay  and we have something for that too! A commemorative medallion for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. Can you spot the bike? Full record can be found here: #Bicycles #Cycling [photo]
A British public that is confused about the archaeological effects of collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record, precisely by the lack of information on the wider context from the PAS, deserves much better than this for its money. STOP playing buffoons and start acting like archaeological professionals, you lot. Pathetic.

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