Sunday 11 August 2019

The Moral Compass of the Metal Detectorist in the UK

Right and wrong
As I have repeatedly said, PAS are still in the 1980s when it comes to public outreach, failing totally to grasp the opportunities offered by modern social media. A mouse-click away, a telling dialogue is going on between two UK artefact hunters and the FLO will, if at all, learn of it only from this blog - and then it's touch and go if they will actually say anything anyway.
Carl Griffin‎
So I have a potential permission to try out but the land is classed as SSSI (site of special scientific interest) am I allowed to detect even though the land owner says so. P.S mixed answers on internet nor do I know the reason why it's SSSI
Dave Crosbie
Is it known that you know it's a SSSI ?? If not I'd crack on and plead ignorance having been given permission from the farmer, depends where your moral compass is pointing
And the "moral compass" of all the other "responsible metal detectorists" on that same Facebook page? Who is going to take responsibility for a Facebook page where one member eggs another on to do some illicit artefact hunting and knowledge theft (for the "finder' is not at liberty to report the correct findspot of anything if that site is known to be off-bounds)?

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