Monday 5 August 2019

PAS Employees feel the Current Situation isn't Tenable

A FLO reckons:
The PAS does what it can with it's (sic) extremely limited resources, and then Michael Lewis and others have to listen to us moan that the current situation isn't tenable. There is no grand conspiracy of FLOs influencing policy to keep their jobs (we're not paid enough for one).
So, the Head of teh PAS is ignoring the fact that the people that work for him are saying the situation they are involved in is untenable? Really? So it is his fault? In business if you are placed in a position where it is impossible to do the job yo have undertaken to do, the normal response is to honourably resign. Who hangs on and why?

The PAS was set up when it seems (though the realistic estimates, conveniently, never came from them) there were far fewer artefact hunters than there are today, but the funding required by current ;policy' (I use the term loosely) has not exponentially increased to keep up with the threat. So what kind of "policy" is that then, but an entirely facadist and deceitful one. 

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