Monday 5 August 2019

The PAS needs More Money to Do Its Job? Justify that.

The PAS operates at "no" public cost at all? Somehow I think this is another case of them trying to pull the wool over our eyes:
PASWiltshire@PasWiltshire·6 minW odpowiedzi do @PortantIssues i @findsorguk
Paul, if you would like to actually engage with reality for 2 seconds, you'd know that no one is throwing money at the PAS.
FLO sarcasm aside, engaging with reality means that in actual fact, the PAS is currently funded from a number of sources (including the budgets of their local partners that supply offices and other facilities for the FLOs to do their work - like the Wiltshire one, based in a local authority museum).

This is money that is spent under the illusion that it is achieving useful results and that supporting this policy is better than any alternative. It would seem from this text that the expenditure apparently is not really all that appreciated by its beneficents.

Anyway this investment  is not actually achieving what the PAS was set up to do, which is mitigate the knowledge loss created by unregulated artefact hunting, collecting and unreported finds as well as to promote (actual, not virtual) best practice among finders, including those engaged in Collection-Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record.

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