Monday 5 August 2019

Never Kiss a British Archaeologist

Found on the PAS twitter page:
Brading Roman Villa@BradingVilla, 1st August;  Did you know that Roman coins make up the largest single artefact type recorded in the UK? With 140,000 currently on the Portable Antiquities database - WOW![...] Pretty cool, isn’t it?
But telling it how it is seems really not to be what the PAS is about:
Paul Barford@PortantIssues·1 min W odpowiedzi do @BradingVilla
But how representative of the archaeological record displaced and removed by metal detecting is this? We all know that Roman coins are not the largest single artefact type making up the archaeol record in the UK. So what is happening?
and the explanation of this seems pretty obvious, that the much-vaunted alleged 'benefits' of transferring the complexities of the archaeological record into a public record replacing, or representing, it through engagement and partnership with artefact hunters is just a load of bullshit. Artefact collecting is not any form of archaeology, 'citizen' or otherwise.

But this complete bullshit is continually swallowed and regurgitated by the British archaeological community who see partnership with the looters as a 'good thing' for a Brexiting Britain.

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