Tuesday 1 December 2020

UK Coroner tied up with inquests just now

Self-absorbed metal detectorist Chris Weir on a commercial artefact plundering rally organisation's Facebook page just now:
For anyone with finds in the middle of the treasure process I had an email today from my local FLO and attached to that email was the email chain that came from my chase up of the ring I handed in, okay so my ring is stuck at the coroner stage, Amy from the British museum said "We are waiting for the inquest to be held, but the coroner's office has told us that they are only holding death inquests for the time being due to covid", so after over 2 years I am still none the wiser as to when things may start moving. Just though I'd update anyone still waiting for updates on their finds.
Amy from the British Museum can see the connection. It seems that not all metal detectorists can:
Margaret Bassett

 Vignette: Doctor comforting elderly COVID patient (The Hill)


John said...

Yes. Pathetic. I’ll be interested to know what BRIAN thinks of this.

John said...

What does BRIAN think?

Paul Barford said...

I suspect we all think that self-centred artefact hunters like Chris Weir, Margaret Bassett and John Howland have rather lost sight of the plot, not least the rest of humanity.

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