Monday 7 December 2020

Classics for All Withdraw from Antiquities Auction

Christmas Charity Auction with Kallos Gallery and Roseberys London
A statement from Classics for All Trustees 6 December 2020 
The primary purpose of Classics for All is to bring the teaching of classical subjects to children regardless of their socio-economic background. We have been doing this for ten years and have reached 60,000 pupils in 920 state primary and secondary schools. In order to do this – and to carry on doing this - we need to raise funds of circa £600,000 from scratch every year. It was in that spirit that we accepted the offer to benefit from a Christmas charity auction [of poorly-papered antiquities]. Our intention was not to upset our valued friends and supporters both in and outside the academic community who have now shared with us their concerns about this initiative. On reflection, we have decided to withdraw from the auction entirely and will now concentrate on the last two days of The Big Give to which we hope our friends and supporters will donate generously. Funds raised will help us to build on the success of our work in 2020 despite the challenges of Covid-19 and will offer more young people access to classics.
To donate to our 2020 Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign before 12 noon Tuesday 8 December, please click here. [...]
If nly more charities looked more carefully at this whole issue of raising money from "antiquities" sales.

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