Thursday 10 December 2020

Diggers in Denial

Let's Go Digging:
Darren Gamblin Let’s hope this one gets to flow .......
Paul Lgd Howard They all go to the FLO, This one will be reported to Gloucestershire FLO by tomorrow, All treasure finds found on LGD events get reported, Do you think we would constantly post pics on here of treasure if it wasn’t reported?
Colin Ford What a nasty comment, Sounds like you are trying to say that LGD don't report their finds.
Keith Green Just remove him from the group. It's comments like this that give us detectorists a bad name.
No, what gets detectorists a bad name is the growing awareness that the majority of artefacts dug out of the archaeological record and pocketed (including by LGD members) simply disappear without record. Fact.


blueyedboy said...

Like Archeologist don't pocket artifacts that get excavated on digs, it happens in both metal detecting and Archeology you will always get one or two that do not follow the rules it happens so please get off your high horse 🐴

Paul Barford said...

Why the "us" and "them"? Here we are talking about a commercial artefact hunting rally.

Hougenai said...

Hmm. Considering Blueyedboy claims to have degree, masters and doctorate, you have to wonder why he capitalises and singularises 'Archaeologist'.
It would be interesting to see if this alleged PhD was written in a similar style with over long, rambling sentences and emoticons.

Paul Barford said...

not only singularises, but capitalises it, spelling both "archEologist" and "artIfact" using US spelling, but claims to "educate beginners" on rallies in the Treasure Act - so claiming also to be a British detectorist. Too many holes, discrepancies and a lack of specificity in this guy's story. This is why I dislike anonymous and pseudonymous posters, anyone can claim to be anything.

27000 artefact hunters in the UK, the number with masters' degrees or PhDs in anything at all is ....?

Brian Mattick said...

Ha! Hoist by his colonial spelling!


As for archaeodetectorists, I only ever came across 4 and one has migrated to the rational side, so it's 0.01%.

I can think of rather more than those who've been locked up for injudicious use of their capacious finds bags in recent times and another few who got very lucky to escape it. So really, you'm as bad as we, or the US equivalent, won't really wash.

Paul Barford said...

The mind boggles if this is Dick Stout's blog linked on Blueyedboy's profile:
i will do wat u want
i am here do do watever u want me to all u gota do is ask from the wired to the insane i will also video it for proof so tell ur friends to tell their friends to tell thier friends also be as mad as u like thanks for ur support regards blueyedboy

Posted by blueyedboy at 12:45 PM No comments:
Labels: mad stupid sexy fast mental sex masive

Mad, mental stupid and the US spelling would fit, but "sexy", "fast" and "massive"? Hmmm?

Paul Barford said...

I think the problem is after umpteen years of education, this PhD wannabe simply cannot spell.

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