Tuesday 1 December 2020

Henry Cole's Hole-Digging on National TV Strikes a Blow Against Attempts of UK Artefact Hunters to Project "Responsible" Image.

From Facebook:

Here is a glimpse of the new metal detecting pilot which is on ITV4 next Tuesday, the 8th of December, 9pm The name of the show is "Henry Cole's Great British Treasure Hunt" and it features Henry, myself, @mudfacegirl, @swampbitchjohnny and others! Get it in your diaries!

Video here:

Henry Cole, one presumes, is the puerile jerk in the pink shirt. They are going to hoik artefacts out of Britain's "finest historical sites" to see who can find the "rarest and most valuable find" and therefore "end up in the money". They are shown digging in what looks like permanent grassland in several different places.

And here is a Public Service Announcement from Andy Brockman @pipelinenews:
If you feel the need to make comments to ITV after viewing the trail for the pilot programme of ITV4's new show about metal detecting ITV can be contacted via
Email: viewerservices@itv.com
Telephone: 0344 881 4150


Dick Stout said...

But what does Brian have to say about this?

Paul Barford said...

But, Mr Stout, do you not have an opinion of your own that you could share with us? Why bother with what others think if you can think for yourself? Can you?

Detecting Diva said...

If you put an “M” in front of “et al”, it spells “Metal”. Very cool.

Liam allen said...

These people are finding stuff that no one ever would of found, stop crying like little babies sad c**ts

Paul Barford said...

Now can you tell us why that is so important?

[Would "have"]

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