Sunday 27 December 2020

UK Metal Detectorists Blithely carry on

Scientists call for UK lockdown after rapid spread of Covid-19 variant Stricter measures needed as cases of mutated virus, linked to UK travellers, are reported across globe.
UK metal detectorists:
"Oo needs effing experts?" (As they carry on doing their bit to spread the virus, travelling between areas on their selfish quest for archaeological artefacts to pocket.)


Hougenai said...

Was Howland or Stout their consultant virologist and epidemiologist?

'It's ok lads, covid doesn't infect those with an IQ below 100. Have a lucrative 2021.'

Brian Mattick said...

The Let's Go Digging consultant virologist is doing sterling work. Two rallies cancelled in Gloucestershire this week due to Tier 3, no problem, both instantly rearranged for next weekend in Wilsford, just over the border in Wiltshire, Tier 2. It's a bit like wack-a-mole but less intellectually stimulating.

I wish one of the Wilts MPs would stand up in Parliament and say "is the Minister aware we have acquisitive morons descending on my county?"

Hougenai said...

I'm guessing their consultants haven't read the guidelines, or are treating them with contempt. Anyone travelling from tier 3 has to abide by those rules if entering tier 2 areas. In which case people from tier 3 'should not meet socially outdoors'. Only limited travel is allowed from tier 4 areas.

All in all it doesn't bode well for the 'Let's go spreading' gang's X-mas grab fest in Wilts.

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