Wednesday 30 December 2020

Living Off Immoral Earnings, Until Britain's Mutant Virus Forces Halt

Sob story from Let's Go Digging:
Paul Lgd Howard Admin • 22 m
[The pay-to-dig rally at] Wilsford is cancelled as [it has] gone into a tier 3 folks (sorry). Until further notice their will be no more LGD events as we can’t keep up with the changes now. Won’t be long before we have to look at selling our house due to not being able to earn the morgage if I’m honest, never mind bills. Stay safe all and hopefully LGD will still be here and allowed to go to work again one day in the future. We will just be another self employed small businesses the goverment forced to close down
The sovereign government of a sovereign country where the 'people' took back control. Note the "allowed" and blaming the government, this is about the health of his clients. I imagine there are a lot of British brothels closing down for the same reasons, but I do not know how many of us can find sympathy that somebody can no longer pay their bills from immorally earned income, and has to think about getting a proper job, rather than profiting from ripping up and selling off Britain's archaeological heritage. I think there are many that care about the heritage that sincerely hope that unprincipled grabby firms like LGD do finally go under and an end is put to this disrespectful way of treating the archaeological record.. 

Have a look at this: Let's Go Digging West Hendred (, look at the chaotic crowd looting the fields, I make it at least 104 people there. Underneath: 287 photos of antiquities, and how many of those can we find in the PAS database, and how many just disappeared into people's pockets? Is this in any way "responsible detecting"? Is this in any way a moral manner to treat the archaeological heritage? 


Brian Mattick said...

Moral? I think you'll find PAS uses the term "responsible" thousands of times because it's a movable feast, but "moral" never, because it isn't.

Paul Barford said...

So, what you are saying is all those PAS FLOs are happily collaborating with people that they know are doing immoral things to the archaeological record, eh? How come?

Brian Mattick said...

The standard explanation is that if they didn't then even greater immorality would ensue. It's a bit like being a fussy booking-in clerk at a brothel. :)

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