Friday 15 October 2021

Dealer's Custody Damages Artefacts

Lawrence H. Schiffman and Andrew Gross, 2021; The Temple Scroll 11Q19, 11Q20, 11Q21, 4Q524, 5Q21 with 4Q365a (Brill, Dead Sea Scrolls Editions, Volume: 1) e-publication available now, hardback later.
In this volume, Schiffman and Gross present a new edition of all of the manuscript evidence for the Temple Scroll from Qumran. It includes innumerable new readings and restorations of all of the manuscripts as well as a detailed critical apparatus comparing the manuscripts of the Temple Scroll as well as Qumran biblical manuscripts and the ancient versions. Each manuscript is provided with a new translation, and a commentary is presented for the main text. Also included are a general introduction, bibliography of published works on the text, catalog of photographic evidence, and concordance including all vocables in all the manuscripts and their restorations. This work promises to move research on the Temple Scroll to a new level.
Årstein Justnes​ draws attention to one detail about its collecting history:
The authors discuss some newly surfaced fragments said to be part of manuscript fragment  11Q21, including several in the Schøyen Collection (trophy items because "they preserve almost no legible text") and consider that they all belong in the group of "post-2002 Dead Sea Scrolls fakes".

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