Friday 8 October 2021

Dumbdown Brexit Fare Wiv Detecktahs

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Just when you thought it could not get any worse... (George Lythgoe, 'Treasure hunter from Dalton set to feature in new ITV series on metal detecting', NW Mail 5th October)
A TREASURE hunter looks to strike more gold on ITV after a new series has been commissioned following a successful pilot show all about metal detecting. Although keen detectorist Graeme Rushton did not find actual gold, the Roman coins him and teammate Adrian Harris found from around 260 AD was enough to see him triumph over the other four teams competing in the initial pilot episode of 'Henry Cole's Great British Treasure Hunt', broadcast on ITV4 back in December 2020. Mr Rushton, of Unearthed UK in Dalton, said that the show has been approved for a five-part series running over the course of a week with filming starting very soon and spanning over the next few months. It is due to air in December. "It was a hit with ITV higher ups and has been given the go ahead for a five-episode series which is great," he said. [...] Mr Rushton said he was 'over the moon' with their 'academically important' finds which were valued at £50 and will be hoping for more success in the series released later this year.
In the pilot Henry Cole, a cringeworthy British 'celebrity' (the guy behind such TV greats as "Shed" and "Buried" and "Find It Fix It Flog It"), challenged five tekkie teams to find the most valuable and most historically significant artefacts in just 48 hours. This time an archaeologist from one of the newly-closed university archaeology departments will be invited to come along and earn a few bob by identifying the finds while wearing a baggy sweater and sandals. And you know what? They'd do it.

Graeme Rushton,
metal detector dealer

This article follows on from the text (also by starstruck  George Lythgoe): Dalton detectorist's success on new ITV show Henry Cole's Great British Treasure Hunt NW Mail 10th December 2020.

 Obviously, in the Barrow in Furness area, nothing much is happening these days and a detectorist is clearly "news" up there (George Lythgoe, 'Dalton Detectorist's new book goes down a storm', NW Mail 9th October)
A Detectorist from Dalton has expressed his relief as his long-awaited book has finally been released. Graeme Rushton, of Unearthed UK, is hoping that this complete guide for metal detectors will bring in even more people to one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK. The successful detectorist has seen some of his finds including incredibly rare medieval coins sell for thousands of pounds at auction and now he is sharing his wisdom with the world in 'A Guide to Metal Detecting' [...] Copies are available for purchase on the Unearthed UK website.
"Unearthed UK ltd supply metal detectors and metal detecting accessories throughout Cumbria, Lancashire, The Midlands and the South"... and Mr Lythgoe has what connection with the company? When is the next plug for his pal, when Lythgoe joins Mr Rushden for a day's detecting and writes a piece full of heart-warming anecdote and colourful imagery?


hat tip: Dave Coward.

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Brian Mattick said...

Puts me in mind of the Durobrivae/Water Newton detecting rally broadcast live on The One Show over 3 nights fourteen years ago.

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