Wednesday 13 October 2021

Fake Ceramic Bullae Doing the Rounds


Bulla, photo Bron Lipkin

A group of ceramic objects have been marketed as "Roman bullae" and have circulating in the collectors' market for quite a while. Members of the collecting community were unconvinced by the undocumented "nod's-as-good-as-a-wink" assurances of the dealers handling them. So they clubbed together, crowd-funded a TL date. The results came back. Nobody was surprised. As one member (kyrikmkOct 13 #95822) trenchantly notes: "Now we know this one is fake in my opinion they are probably all fake unless it can be proven that they were actually excavated. Personally I wouldn’t buy any on the market kyri " - which is what people like me have saying all along. That goes for any "antiquity" sold by any dealer anywhere. If they have not got the paperwork, it should never have entered their stock.

(photo Bron Lipkin)

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