Friday 22 October 2021

Friday Retrospect: Scheme Interactions: PAS on Social Media [Updated]

On learning that the Rutland FLO as soon as (?) she starts the job blocks an archaeoblogger from seeing how she uses social media to interact with the public that pays her salary, I thought it would be informative to update this old post. In it I am going to specifically note which of the FLOs etc. are blocking my own twitter account (@PortantIssues) first of all to place on record which of them lacks the courage of their "convictions" and is willing to listen to an alternative view of current policies on collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record and their effects (or to do the outreach needed to respond). Secondly documenting this shows why this blog may not refer to any noteworthy substantive content any of these people may be posting in the public domain on social media because I am prevented from seeing it. 

Social media
According to the PAS website in its current form, the Portable Antiquities Scheme currently employs 58 members of staff, among them 43 Finds Liaison Officers and one outreach officer. What is interesting is that even though they are employed to do public outreach, the PAS website only gives you details of how to contact them, rather than reach their social media output. So I've done it for them. It seems only about half of them are using Twitter to reach a wider audience, some are using Facebook. I have listed here the ones I am aware of, and would be grateful for any information on ones I have missed.

1) Matthew Fittock Finds Liaison Officer for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire [Twitter  @MatthewFittock] OK

2) Philip Smither Finds Liaison Officer - Berkshire [Twitter  @BerkshireFlo] OK [page no longer active?]

3) Arwen Wood Finds Liaison Officer - Buckinghamshire  [Twitter @Bucks_FLO  BLOCKING the author of this blog]

4) Helen Fowler Finds Liaison Officer - Cambridgeshire [unkown]

5) Heather Beeton Finds Liaison Officer - Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside [Twitter: @FLOChe_GM_MSY] [this account does not exist]

6) Tasha Fullbrook  Finds Liaison Officer - Cornwall [Twitter @CornwallFinds]   Just started work, already BLOCKING the author of this blog
7) Meghan King Finds Liaison Officer - Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire [no Twitter we know about, consistently refuses to answer enquiries, museum director happy with that]   
8) Lucy Shipley Finds Liaison Officer - Devon and Somerset [Twitter @lshipley805 BLOCKING the author of this blog]]

9) Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, Finds Liaison Officer - Dorset [unknown]

10) Carolina Rangel de Lima, Finds Liaison Officer - Essex [unknown]

11) Kurt Adams Finds Liaison Officer - Gloucestershire and Avon [Twitter  @Avon_GlosPAS]  OK [account no longer active]

12) Jenny Durrant, Finds Liaison Officer - Hampshire [Twitter @Durrant_Jenny]

13) Peter Reavill Finds Liaison Officer - Herefordshire and Shropshire [Twitter: PAS in the Marches @FLO_Marches  @PeterReavill BLOCKING the author of this blog on the second account]

14) Lewis Fererro, Finds Liaison Officer - Isle of Wight [no known Twitter account]

15) Perry Mesney, Historic Environment and Finds Officer - Jersey [unknown]

16) Jo Ahmet Finds Liaison Officer - Kent [Twitter @Kent_Finds BLOCKING the author of this blog] ]

17) Ian Bass Finds Liaison Officer - Lancashire and Cumbria [Twitter: 
@IanLBass] OK, but restricts readers. 

18) Alex Whitlock Finds Liaison Officer - Lancashire and Cumbria [unknown]

19)  Meghan Gard, Leicestershire and Rutland [Twitter @Meggard1 BLOCKING the author of this blog]

20) Lisa Brundle Finds Liaison Officer - Lincolnshire [@LisaBrundle ]  OK

21) Stuart Wyatt Finds Liaison Officer - London   [Twitter @stuartlondonmud] OK

22) Andrew Williams, Finds Liaison Assistant - Norfolk [unknown]

23) Garry Crace, Finds Liaison Assistant - Norfolk [Twitter @hirsuteface Tweets restricted]

24) Helen Geake Finds Liaison Officer - Norfolk [Twitter: @HelenGeake] OK of course

25) Emily Tilley, Finds Liaison Officers - North and East Yorkshire [Twitter @ertilley]  OK

26) Rebecca Griffiths, Finds Liaison Officers - North and East Yorkshire [@Bexx_FLO, another one  BLOCKING the author of this blog]

27) Ellie Cox Finds Liaison Officer - Northamptonshire [No Twitter]

28) Martin Foreman Finds Liaison Officer - Northern Lincolnshire North Lincolnshire Museum, Oswald Road, Scunthorpe,[unknown]                                                                        [UPDATE: 15 December 2021: But in "professional" correspondence also seems to me likely to be the RUDEST FLO on the Internet, hard to beat]

29) Edward Caswell, Oxfordshire FLO Finds Liaison Officer - Oxfordshire Museums Resource Centre [Twitter: @edward_caswell] OK

30) Maria Kneafsey, Finds Liaison Officer - Somerset [Twitter@mariakneafsey] OK

31) Amy Downes Finds Liaison Officer - South and West Yorkshire [Twitter @SWYOR_FLO BLOCKING the author of this blog]

32) Teresa Gilmore, Finds Liaison Officer - Staffordshire and West Midlands  @StaffsWMFLO  BLOCKING the author of this blog
[facebook too ]

33) Victoria Alnatt, FLO for Staffordshire and West Midlands [unknown]
34) Anna Booth Finds Liaison Officer - Suffolk [Twitter @AnnaBooth3, account unavailable]

35)  Phil Hughes Finds Liaison Officer - Suffolk [unknown] 

36) Simon Maslin Finds Liaison Officer - Surrey [Twitter @spmaslin]  OK

37) Jane Clark, Finds Liaison Officer - Sussex [Twitter: @sussex_flo BLOCKING the author of this blog]

38) Benjamin Westwood Finds Liaison Officer - The North East (County Durham, Darlington, and Teesside) [Twitter: @FLODurhamFLO   BLOCKING the author of this blog]              ]

39) Andrew Agate Finds Liaison Officer - The North East (Newcastle and Northumberland) [Twitter @Northeast_FLO]  OK

40) Mark Lodwick, Finds Liaison Officer - Wales [unknown]

41) Susie White Finds Liaison Officer - Wales NWales [Twitter: @NWales_FLO] OK

42) Susheela Burford, Finds Liaison Officer - Warwickshire and Worcestershire [Twitter @WandWFlo, plus answers queries civilly, promptly and fully] OK

43) Sophie Hawke, Finds Liaison Officer - Wiltshire   [unknown, Twitter account @PasWiltshire inactive]. [Update 12 Feb 2022, it now appears that Salisbury Museum's FLO is now BLOCKING me].


Central Unit team [Twitter: @findsorguk - BLOCKING ME] The Scheme currently employs 2 Central Unit staff members in the Department of Learning and National Partnerships, The British Museum: Michael Lewis Head of Scheme and Treasure (Tostig BLOCKING me], Claire Costin Resources Manager.

The Scheme currently employs 5 National Finds Advisers in various sites. Andrew Brown [@AIBArch], Kevin Leahy, Sam Moorhead [slideshare], John Naylor, Sally Worrell [@sworrell2 ].

The Treasure Administration team currently employs 5 in the Department of Learning and National Partnerships, The British Museum: Ian Richardson Senior Treasure Registrar [Twitter joint account: Treasure Registrars @TRegistrars BLOCKING the author of this blog], Gail Hammond Treasure Registrar, Ayla Karaman Treasure Registrar, Darya Kwarta Treasure Registrar, Denise Wilding Treasure Registrar.

Twitter hashtags include:

@crap finds 'Fighting back against pretty Treasures! Celebrating mundane, mediocre, & ordinary artefacts dutifully recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme (and others)' (might be an anonymous FLO account)


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