Tuesday 12 October 2021

Sami Jasim Muhammad al-Jaburi, Islamic State’s Finance Chief Captured

The capture of Sami Jasim Muhammad al-Jaburi, the Islamic State’s finance chief raises hopes in some quarters that he will reveal new information about their alleged income from looted antiquities (Aqeel Najim and Mostafa Salem, '
ISIS finance chief captured by Iraqi forces, Iraq PM says' CNN October 11, 2021) Iraqi forces captured Sami Jasim, the deputy of former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Iraq's Prime Minister said in a statement on Monday. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi did not disclose details of the operation [...] Jasim, also known as "Abu Asya," served as the financial supervisor of the [...] group under Al-Baghdadi since 2015, according to Iraqi security expert Fadel Abu Regheef.[...] In 2015, the US Treasury Department labeled Jasim as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist, a designation that places financial sanctions on terrorists and those who provide support to terrorists or acts of terrorism.
and of course totally distorts the meaning of the word "terrorist" that the US uses loosely to refer to (foreign, usually brown-skinned) people that they do not like. Too bad for the anonymous guy that US special forces together with Kurdish fighters are reported to have murdered in August 2016 near Anbar province in western Iraq, in his own country, mistakenly thinking it was Jasim. His real name was not released after today's announcement.

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