Thursday 14 October 2021

Some UK Metal Detectorist Really Are as Fik As Planks

Some metal detectorists in the UK really do seem to be thicker than the average punter. An unnamed man has been arrested after he allegedly damaged Stonehenge - by removing historical artefacts he found using a metal detector (Grace Hammond, 'Yorkshire man arrested for damaging Stonehenge - by removing artefacts he found with his metal detector' Yorkshire Post 14th October 2021)
The 30-year-old Yorkshire man was arrested after he posted photographs of his discoveries on social media in August and September this year. Wiltshire Police launched an investigation and soon identified the suspect, tasking West Yorkshire Police with apprehending him. On locating him at his home in Bradford, he was arrested for five offences: damaging a protected monument, using a metal detector in a protected place without the written consent of the Secretary of State, removing an archaeological or historical interest which is discovered by the use of a metal detector in a protected place without the written consent and possession of explosives without a valid permit. During his arrest, officers found cannabis in his possession - an offence which landed him a caution.
Explosives, narcotics and looted artefacts. And decides to draw attention to his activities on social media. And he was no doubt mightily surprised he got caught, UK metal detectorists and collectors being above the law as they generally seem to feel they are. 
 Hat tip: Chris Cumberpatch, Dave Coward plus angry
archaeologist who wants to remain anonymous.

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Hougenai said...

You have to wonder if he was attracted to the 'Hobby' for the mental health benefits or just stoned out his mind?

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