Thursday 7 October 2021

Yandex Catches Another Misdescribed Artefact

Catawiki: "Bid on over 65,000 special objects
every week, selected by 240+ experts"

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Over on an Ancient Artefact collectors' forum near you:
LodewijkOct 6 #95772     
From cufflink to byzantine applique, it's all possible at Catawiki
Catawiki and their experts. What a joke. They never [cease] to amaze me. Check out this "Beautiful Byzantine Applique" 12th-14th century by Aesnumismatics. Weird that this auction has photos so out of focus. Unfortunately it's an early 20th century cufflink, and probably Russian in origin since that's where most seem to show up. Here's an identical one, change language to Russian. Here another one, it was auctioned at Violity, auction has disappeared but image was indexed.
And this is where the policy of just showing one side of an artefact pays off, you cant see the cufflink shank on the photo of the "applique". Dealers really do need to start giving PROPER descriptions and fuller ones, materials, manufacturing techniques, section through and rear view at a minimum. And "where this comes from and how I know it was legally removed from (a) the ground and (b) the source country also as a minimum. Otherwise the seller should change their job and sell knock-off Chinese-made car spare parts. Catawiki removed the object very soon after someone announced on a forum that they'd used Yandex to expose their expert's mistake.

And if I were Mr Ravi Vora, CEO of Catawiki, the "expert" representing my firm's business interests that vetted that would be outside the door of my office eight o'clock sharp on Monday morning with a convincing presentation on his laptop of the comparanda that led to his identification and dating of that object. But if I were Mr Vora, I'm pretty sure he'd be out of a job by nine on Monday. But I believe another auction house is hiring at the moment.

Aesnumismatics is based in Austria, but are pretty secretive.

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