Sunday, 26 January 2020

ANOTHER Alex III Deka Surfaces - on eBay [Updated]

These previously rare Alexander III dekas seem to be popping up everywhere now. There is even one, looking for all the world like the ones found in the 2017 Gaza Fisherman hoard (same state, wear, pitting), on eBay. It is being sold by Seller ' spongebobsbrother' (525 100% Positive feedback) from Mineola, New York. The price is $19,999.99 or Best Offer
Alexander The Great Dekadrachm (Decadrachm)
Insanely rare, as less than 30 are known. Believed to be handed out by Alexander the Great himself to high generals in Susa in 324 BC. There are hundreds of thousands of drachms and tetradrachms known, but less than 30 of these Dekadrachms known. These in high grades go upwards of $300,000 +, so donot miss out on this one at a fraction of that cost. Raw coin, but estimated grade is Fine.
That's perhaps a bit of seller's licence. Note, absolutely no information is offered on collecting history, which is rather odd in the case of a seller that has been on ebay since April 2005, but previously selling mostly low grade stuff (baseball cards etc), though now has a lot of 'higher end' ancient coins. Also note that this guy does not offer the possibility of zooming the photo. Looking at the chair/throne and monogram under it, this seems to be the same reverse type as one of the recently sold (Roma Numismatics) ones.

Update 26.01.2020
In fact, it turns out that this is another coin that was previously sold by Roma Numismatics:
Lot 133 Estimate: 1000 GBP Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III 'the Great' AR Dekadrachm. Babylon, circa 325-323 BC. Head of Herakles right, wearing... Price realized: 1200 GBP
Quite a markup "SpongeBob". 1200 Pound sterling equals 1569 United States Dollars. Ripoff merchant. Don't trust any ancient coin dealer.

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