Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Speculation on 2019 Treasure case Numbers

Bloomsbury is being very coy about giving even preliminary, even ballpark, figures for the number of  Treasure finds that they have handled in the past twelve months (1st Jan to 31st Dec 2019). But at least we can get a general idea from the PAS database. I've been through Treasure cases noted in the Database for Oct -Dec 2019. In October, the numbers are in the range 2019T791-977 (180 reported finds in the month), and the four cases noted there in December have no numbers yet (!). In November, the PAS database contains four records that mention Treasure case numbers in 2019. These bear the numbers T1037, T1080, T1094 and... T1124. Therefore for some reason there is a huge jump in the numbering system from the end of October to the end of November (latest known in Oct 977, and a month later latest known is 1124). Why is this? Are Bloomsbury numberers unable to keep up?

From this therefore it looks likely that the number of Treasure cases when it is announced in the autumn will be somewhere around 1300+ records for 2019.

That's a massive amount of Treasure being hoiked. Now, when will we see proper monographic reports of the ones we have had dug up between 1996 and now? Bloomsbury archaeologists are amassing a huge backlog of unreported material.

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