Friday, 17 January 2020

Artefacts for Wine

AP, 'Artifacts stolen nearly 30 years ago returned to museum' Jan 16, 2020
Native American arrowheads have been returned to the Rhode Island museum they were stolen from nearly 30 years ago. Agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security located the 34 white-quartz arrowheads in an eBay advertisement, WPRI-TV reported Tuesday. The couple who attempted to sell the arrowheads say they did not know there were stolen, and claim to have traded a case of wine for the collection on Craigslist in 2017.
and of course have no documentation for that transaction, or for where the previous owner claimed they were from.


Hougenai said...

Hi Paul, the link on this story gives 404 error. cheers D

Paul Barford said...

fixed, thanks.

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