Monday, 13 January 2020

Conservation Guide for Ground-dug Metal

Pieta Grieves and Lizzie Miller of Drakon Heritage have "some some simple Do's [sic] and Dont's [sic] for metal finds in this months [sic] The Searcher magazine". As retweeted by
FLO for South West Midlands and West Staffordshire @FloMidlands 15 g.
Some really invaluable advice here everyone can learn from. #Responsibledetecting #Bestpractice #neveruselemonjuice
Well, except those who listened the first time the PAS said these things, the second, the umpteemth, and yet, it seems there is still a need to say these things again and the methods from the right hand column will be found in a number of current 'how to' metal detecting guides. It seems metal detecting is taken up by people who are slow learners.

Why does the Searcher not simply give a link to the relevant section of the PAS website? I do hope that further on, beyond the bit we can see, there is a section on the toxicity of acetone used for prolonged periods of work on an object indoors, because although I'd like to see damage caused by metal detecting to be reduced, my preferred method would not be by solvent poisoning of artefact hunters and their progeny.

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Brian Mattick said...

Slow to learn? Not always. If PAS's advice contained the warning that treasure rewards WILL be reduced if inappropriate cleaning resulting in knowledge-loss is carried out the reaction would be 100% "responsible".

It reminds me of the famous trades union mantra if you get them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.

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