Thursday 18 August 2011

"All Ancient Coins can be seized by US Customs from outside USA - Now!"

"All Ancient Coins can be seized by US Customs from outside USA - Now" proclaims "Bixbite: Ancient Coin House on Amazon" on a numismatic forum near you.

What he's done is reposted Patrick G. Lee's text from the Wall Street Journal as his own, apparently without really understanding what the CCPIA actually says (after all he's just a coiney - bulk seller by the looks of it). But he's not the only one getting hysterical. It seems artefact collecting is full of them. "The Government Uses Any Excuse To Seize Your Treasure! " write watery-stuff blog Mermanaut.

Fortunately other bloggers, by far the majority were much less drama-queen about the case and had far more sensible titles showing a better ability to comprehend what is going on outside the cocoon of collectors' and dealers' hysteria: Court Rules U.S. Customs Rightfully Seized Ancient Coins.

Vignette: ACCG's representation of the coins affected, inadvertently indicating the damage coin zappers do to what they get their hands on.

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