Thursday 18 August 2011

'Oo needs the Treasure Act? There's GOLD in those Fields!

More Grey Detecting that you'll not see the fluffy-bunny-talk UK archaeologists telling you about.
Gold smashes through $1800/oz
by "Techony" (Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:04 pm) That's over £13 per gram of 9ct and £35 for 24ct. Happy Hunting this weekend everyone, there be gold in them there hills I'm tellin' ya Tony S
Except if you find gold in Northamptonshire, unless its a single coin (which mercenary detectorists may or may not melt down I suppose), if it is not a modern loss, it should go to the Treasure Valuation Committee, through the Coroner and inquest, for valuation. Only if it is disclaimed as Treasure can it be melted down by the finder. Note the name of the club, it's not a collector's or treasure hunting group at all, its an "artefact recovery club". This is quite a common tactic in the UK to avoid calling a metal detecting spade a spade.

Of course, they are "only in it for the history".

Vignette: buy a metal detector and enrich yourself from the buried resources of England's past.

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