Saturday 27 August 2011

What is the matter with these people? (3) the Coiney Lawyer

Peter Tompa, "ACCG Board Authorizes Appeal" says:
concerns about how the State Department and US Customs treats collectors, the small businesses of the numismatic trade, and institutions that collect coins won't go away, and indeed will likely only increase as more and more collecting areas become largely off limits to all but the wealthy who can afford to purchase the few coins with established collecting histories.
What "established collecting histories" does the CCPIA require to IMPORT dugup coins from Cyprus, China, Italy and Greece?

I think it is high time the ACCG produced an authoritative "guide to purchasing dugup coins" for its collector members, setting out what precisely the law says, what pieces of paper a coin has to have to be legally exported from each of the fifty or so source countries for coins, and what pieces of paper they need to be legally imported into the US according to legislation like the CCPIA. It's beginning to look like it should not be Peter Tompa who writes it.

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