Monday 22 August 2011

More Bogus Bunkum from the Bogus Blonde Bunkum Monger

Bogus blonde "legal secretary who is not really a metal detectorist" takes issues with me treating the antiquities trade as a conservation issue and by way of analogy comparing it with the trade in other items leading to the depletetion of a resource (such as ivory). He denies that the issue with looting of archaeological sites is a conservation issue. The reason? "There are millions of artefacts" so artefacts are in no danger of disappearing.

The issue with the ivory trade is ivory comes from elephants and we want to protect the elephants from disappearing, not the ivory.

The issue with archaeological artefacts "surfacing" on the market is that they are coming out of the archaeological record, we want to protect the archaeological record from disappearing, not the artefacts. Duh.

I think to reach some collectors we are going to have to use comic books or something simple they can understand.

This of course in the case of members of the British public like "Candice Jarman" whether or not they are metal detectorists is the job of the PAS. It would be nice if "Candice's" FLO (Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen Finds Liaison Officer - Dorset Historic Environment Team, Dorset County Council County Hall) were aware of this "People's Archaeology" blog and the misinformation it is spreading and could take the time to write to him and explain the rudiments of conservation instead of leaving the task up to a lone archaeologist from Poland who unlike her is not being paid to do outreach to members of the Dorset public.

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