Tuesday 2 August 2011

Egyptian Museum: New "Missing Objects" List Needed

Things have been reappearing in dribs and drabs, but isn't it about time the Egyptian Museum made another list of what is still "missing" (or believed to be missing)? This is what I make to be the score now:

1) JE 9080 Statuette of Onuris page 2/42 (Room P19)
2) JE 27326 Limestone female statue page 6/42 (Room 48)
3) JE 29357 Bronze statuette Apis bull, page 7/42 (Room 48)
4) JE 30204 Bronze statuette Nakht, page 8/42 (Room 48)
5) JE 39590 Limestone shabti, 18 dyn, page 12/42 (Room 48)
6) JE 36598 Bronze statuette Bastet [inscribed Padiamen], page 11/42 (Room 19)
7) JE 47906 Necklace, gold, faience, stone beads, page 16/42 (Room 6)
8) JE 55175 Lapis lazuli bead girdle, TT 358 Ahmose Merytamun, page 19/42
(Room 48)
9) JE 60713 Tutankhamun red crown, KV 62, page 22/42 (Room '30' recte 40)
10) JE 60713 Tutankhamun shrouded, KV 62, page 23/42 (Room 40)
11) JE 68983 Yuya wooden shabti KV46, page 29/42 (Room 43)
12) JE 68984 Yuya wooden shabti KV46, page 30/42 (Room 43)
- the one that was announced as having been found but had not.
13) JE 68987 Yuya wooden shabti KV46, page 31/42 (Room 43)
14) JE 68989 Yuya wooden shabti KV46, page 32/42 (Room 43)
15) JE 68992 Yuya wooden shabti KV46, page 33/42 (Room 43)
16) JE 68993 Yuya wooden shabti KV46, page 34/42 (Room 43)
17) JE 68994 Yuya calcite shabti KV46, page 35/42 (Room 43)
18) JE 68995 Tjuya wooden shabti KV46, page 36/42 (Room 43)
19) JE 68998/JE 95362 Tjuya wooden shabti KV46, page 37/42 (Room 43)
20) JE 94481 Ten faience amulets and beads, page 39/42 (Room 48)
21) SR 3/8599 Bronze false beard, page 41/42 (Room 19)
22) SR 3/8604 Bronze false beard, page 42/42 (Room 19)
23) [there has been talk that another Tutankhamun fan was taken from the case containing the fans and walking sticks in Room 13, but is not on any list - fan stock 62006 - see here].

GROUND FLOOR GALLERIES (all Amarnan in date and all from one case - the Akhenaton statue found in Tahrir Square (sic) was from this group - where are the rest of the objects from the group that was taken from this case?)
24) JE 44867, Unfinished limestone Nefertiti statue, page 13/42 (Room R8 vit k)
25) JE 44873, Quartzite statue princess, page 14/42 (Room R8 vit k)
26) JE 44874, Red granite statue princess, page 15/42 (Room R8 vit k)
27) JE 52976, Limestone statue, seated man, page 17/42 (Room R8 vit k)
28) JE 53250, Steatite statue of Bes (calcite base), page 18/42 (Room R8 vit k)
29) JE 59291, Steatite statue of scribe with Thoth/Baboon on limestone base,
page 20/42 (Room R 8 vit k)
30) JE 53250, Quartzite head of princess, page 26/42 (Room R8 vit k)

The only object from the ground floor gallery retrieved to date was the Akhenaton statue found "in the garbage" near Tahrir Square 16th February 2011. The ('sting') recovery of 17/3/11 retrieved 7 objects from room 19 and 5 from room 6. The recovery of 27/3/11 (Khan el Khalili) was of five objects from Room 19 and no other. The next four (the bag in the station 12 April 2011) were from three areas of the Museum, gallery 40, 13 and 43 at the other end. The most recent recovery (May 2nd) was of two statues from room 19, which were found with two other statues from somewhere else (where was never revealed). A question which remains to be answered is how and where the latter bunch of artefacts were detected. Were they seized at Egypt's borders during an attempt to take them out of the country?

A few weeks ago I presented a plan of the Museum's first floor showing where cases were broken into and stuff removed and either thrown on the floor or taken. Here it is again, with an indication of where the material has not yet been fully recovered (small circles) and where most of the objects taken have not been seen since Jan 28th (larger circles). Most of it is on the first (upper) floor, the material missing from the ground floor is shown in blue.

If we break down what is still missing, much of it comes from the same rooms as the material also retrieved. From Room 19, 14 stolen items have been recovered, but four are still "out there" (numbers items 1, 6, 21-2). From room 6, five stolen objects have been retrieved, but one more (7) is still to find. The people who went through Room 48 (rotunda in the centre of the south side) however have not yet been detected, we are still missing all the objects they took (2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 20). Of the group of items taken from the Yuya and Thuya collection in the adjacent room 48, only one item has been found, but apart from this all the objects taken from that gallery are also missing (nine shabtis nos. 11-19). Equally the two Tutankhamun pieces are still missing despite the retrieval of one statue from the same case as the two still missing statues and the trumpet and fan from Room 13.

[Egyptian Museum staff if you are reading this (I know you do), please produce an updated list of the items believed to be missing, this time please give the document a proper title, put the date it was compiled somewhere in it and number the pages properly. It would help if you numbered the missing objects too]

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