Wednesday 31 August 2011

Mysterious Coiney Text

This six-word email has just bounced into my inbox out of the blue, it originates with dugup coin dealer "Honest" Joe Blazick (Roman peddlar, 12 caesars) and appears to be addressed to me, though the standard of literacy leaves its meaning and context obscure, no wonder my spam filter picked it out for deletion. The message simply reads:
"Take this ro the PAS idiot"
Now, I may have from time to time harsh words about the PAS, but it is unclear to me which "PAS idiot" Mr Blazick has in mind among the fifty or so people who work there. I think most of them are at least more capable of expressing themselves in plain English than he seems to be. Neither is it clear what "this" I am to take [t]o the PAS or [f]ro[m] the PAS, the email? Is it some kind of a code? Is there some kind of connection between the PAS and Mr Blazick? The mind of a coiney works in mysterious ways.

Vignette: The Riddler


Anonymous said...

Paul, thanks for posting.
I wish one could ignore these. I wanted to use the word "animal" but even this parallel is too embarassing for animals. Blazick = sick. How much deeper can these coin collectors fall? How desperate are they for moneys?

Paul, again, keep up the good job. Thousands of people out there acknowledge your work. Please be assured of this.

Paul Barford said...

Well, it is really a puzzling message, sort of like half of it disappeared in the aether somewhere and in four years time the inhabitants of a small green planet near Alpha Centauri will get the other half and not understand it either.

Thanks for the encouraging words.

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