Monday 22 August 2011

Working With Them Rots the Brain

I tell you, working with them rots the brain, after a few months, you'll not only be good pals with but you'll be talking like the "partners". Overheard at the Irthlingborough Rally commercial artefact hunting (oh sorry, historic-landscape-appreciating) grabfest. This is a British archaeologist:
I will be there with the FLOs so [...] please pop over and say hello! Fingers crossed for good whether and good finds!
Arrr. Help yourselves to the finds lads, just take what you want out of the archaeological record, show us a few, leave what you don't want in the scrap bins (non-ferrous on the right, lead on the left and just stick the iron in the hedge unless you think it's got scrap value too) and someone will get rid of it for you.

A "Charity" rally on "100 acres wheat stubble", organised by RallyUK and Thrapston & Raunds Rotary Club. 10am-4pm. £15 each.

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