Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Full Circle: PAS Report in Treasure Hunting Magazine

The February edition of Treasure Hunting Magazine is fatter than usual as it contains The PAS Annual Report 2009 & 2010, "Printed with the generous support of Treasure Hunting magazine". Nice and glossy, all 32 pages of it. A while ago the PAS said they would be giving up producing a printed version as an economy measure. So they've gone down the private sponsorship route. And not by an archaeological body. Quite the reverse. We've come a long way since the PAS was touted as "archaeological outreach" the "partnership" has now come full circle. Of course there are those that say, if this becomes a regular thing then he who pays the piper will of course call the tune.


kyri said...

what started out as a "parneship" is beginning to look a bit like the athenian league of delos,with the metal detectors taking on the role of the athenians.looks like the inmates have taken over the asylum.how long befor we have metal detecting rally organisers paying to advertise on the pas website.

kyri said...

intresting article and comments.


Paul Barford said...

Yes, I am doing a post on the RESPONSE (some archaeologists do) to this...

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