Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Silence from the Coineys

Quiet, isn't it? A pretty momentous turn of events in the Weiss case a day ago, and one with considerable significance for the no-questions-asked collecting of coins in the future, and yet not a peep from the coiney blogs:

Cultural Property Observer Nothing.

Ancient Coins & Cultural Heritage Nowt.

 Ancient Coin Collecting Silence,

Ancient Coins Not a word from Dealer Dave,

A Gift For Polydektes Embarrassed shuffling of feet,

Ancient Coin Trade Even quieter from the coin collector with conviction.

Ancient  and World Coin Geek Not even Coin Geek has anything to say on this...

Who would have thought that discussing authenticity of coins sold would be such a problem for these guys? Meanwhile the archaeoblogs will continue to give as full a picture of portable antiquity collecting issues as their authors are able, warts and all:

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues 

Looting matters  ( here)

Numismatics and Archaeology ( here)

And the coineys have the cheek to ask US for more "transparency", why can they not discuss the problems of the trade openly? 

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