Friday, 20 March 2015

Coineys ! "Archaic Roman coins have been prohibited by the MOU!" Eh?

"There are now 274 comments which have been
submitted noted on the website counter - that's better
than it was yesterday, but still a pretty weak response from
the on-line numismatic community".
Mark Lehman of Ancient Coins for Education (and Colchester Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting Holidays in England) who wants to 'avoid ethical questions like the very plague' is unsure how to properly use apostrophes on the Uncleaned coins discussion list, but is sure he can help the semi-literates of the coin collecting community make their voice heard tonight ("If anyone has doubts about this, or is unsure about how to make a comment, feel free to email me personally [...] I will be glad to explain the situation in greater detail"). The "situation" is according to him that US customs asking for documentation of licit export for fresh imports of antiquities is some kind of disgusting "non-transparent backroom deal between the US Department of State and Italy". According to him, ""Archaic" Roman coins have been prohibited by the MOU" and here we find another sky-is-falling merchant riling people up by warning the slack-jawed
If you care at all about the continued ability of enthusiasts in the USA to collect and/or deal in Roman coins, I urge you to take a few moments to write a message objecting to the proposed changes. Write from your own perspective and about how it may affect you - personal comments are more likely to carry weight with the committee
Alternatively he could point potential contributors to the guidelines published on the website which say completely the opposite. Bravo. "Educate" them Mr Lehman.

Here is Mr Lehman's own text.

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