Tuesday 17 March 2015

Great-Great Grandaddy Fought the Brits, but not fer this!

Patriotism and insults, just like I said. This shows what the risk is of asking coineys to go beyond the cut-and-paste and compose something for themselves - straight from the heart:
As an American who can trace his lineage to Jamestown in 1608, who's [sic] family has fought in every war including the war of Independence from another tyrannical government, and as a second generation ancient coin collector, I am writing you with complete disgust and contempt for what the US Government is doing to it's [sic] citizens with the current MOU in place with Italy.

Ancient coins are the most common of all ancient artifacts, originally made by the hundreds of millions in ancient times and existing by the millions today. To wage a discriminatory war against the freedoms of your own citizens to participate in a past time that has spanned the centuries and is legal even in Italy today, is an unspeakable disgrace!

This MOU should be scrapped, or at a minimum, exclude all coinage. Coins circulated throughout the ancient world and are not the automatic property of the Italian government that is running their country into the ground today. It's not like we are asking to own a pillar from the Colosseum! The MOU represents nothing more than a fascist, unconstitutional breach of a free peoples' property rights. You should be ashamed of yourself [sic] for even entertaining an extension of such an illegal and immoral regulation. Do the right thing and leave your citizens alone! Do not extend this MOU!

Sincerely ashamed by your behavior,
[sic]. Like most contributions from the hobby, Hillbilly Coiney's comments fail to address 19 U.S.C. 2602.

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