Monday, 16 March 2015

CPO Calling all Morons

Gathered coineys waiting for the
IAPN/PNG's lobbyist's next instruction
"It's Not Too Late ..."
Fellow Collector: It’s not too late to post a comment that could help preserve your continued ability to purchase Roman Imperial Coins from abroad.[...]
This is followed by:
"CPO will not accept comments to this blog post"
No prizes for guessing why not. It is not too late for the numismatic professionals associations to change their lobbyist to one that does not use cheap tricks to rile up the brainless morons in the US collecting world. If he was worth half the money they pay him, Peter Tompa would explain why the particular coins that already are in the US-Italy MOU are there, and why that means that "Roman imperial coins" in general never will be. But he is not going to explain that, is he? Draw your own conclusions.

There are now 194 Comments Received - mostly cut-and-pasted mass mailing by the coineys saying what the IAPN/PNG's lobbyist tells them to say on their behalf because most of them have no-questions-asked accepted the alarmist sky-is-falling proposition that there is, for some reason unexplained, a "danger" to the hobby of no-questions-asked collecting that the US-Italy MOU instead of being renewed will be enormously enlarged in scope to cover all round metal discs from everywhere within the Roman Empire 27 BC – 476 AD. He does not even have to justify that, the flock of several hundred coiney sheep knee-jerk their way over to the website at his bidding. Baaaaa- baaaa. This is thus the extent of the lack of critical thinking and inability to reason .of the people who collect dugup ancient coins.

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