Tuesday 31 March 2015

"Geese of Meidum" Challenged

Le “Oche di Meidum”,  (foto © Sandro Vannini).
This one initially made me suspicious, coming just a day before April Fool's day. The author of the idea is working near the Hatshepsut Temple in Deir (Tomb of Harwa) and... but the same thing has been published in Italian a day earlier, so - unfortunately - it seems he might have a point. This has long been one of many people's favourite pieces of Egyptian art, and it is sad to learn that not all might have been as it seemed.
Tiradritti is set to publish his findings on April 5 in the art specialty papers Giornale dell'Arte and The Art Newspaper, in Italian and English, respectively. [...] Tiradritti said he hopes that his research will help scholars think more critically about ancient art, especially pieces being sold today on the art market. "I would like to alert my colleagues and invite them to look at the Egyptian art in a different way. We strongly need to revise it."
Owen Jarus, 'Shocking Discovery: Egypt's 'Mona Lisa' May Be a Fake' Live Science : 31 March 2015.

UPDATE 10th April 2015

A few days later: 'Meidum Geese painting authentic: Zahi Hawass' Cairo Post Apr. 10, 2015 
Finally, Hawaas argued that Tiradritti should have discussed his conclusions with Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities before making them public.

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