Saturday 7 March 2015

'Portable Antiquities Scheme' created in America

The Heritage Journal writes of what happened when ''
Metal-detector hobbyists say there’s a reason they never make any good discoveries — the Parks Department bans them from many locations. “I've never found anything significant,” said Richard Pupello, the president of the Staten Island History Hunters Metal Detecting Club. “Any place on the island where there might be stuff like that, we're not allowed to be there.”
How unjust, in the 'Land of the Free'. It is called 'protecting historic sites' Mr Pupello. They do that a lot in America too I believe.The idea behind the PAS is that by reporting arteafcts from areas where there are no known sites, it gives the possibility to locate the still-unkown ones. It is not about artefact hunters targeting known sites as 'mines' for collectables.

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