Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rendlesham and Hobby Artefact Hunting

'Rendlesham and metal-detecting' "One aspect of the presentation was the constructive use of metal-detectorists to map finds in the study area. It was clear how their carefully recorded work contributed to the understanding of this important Anglo-Saxon site that clearly has a relationship with the major ship burial site at nearby Sutton Hoo". Well, to look at their contribution via the database, obviously not through the Portable Antiquities Scheme: You searched for:
CountyID: Suffolk DistrictID: Suffolk Coastal ParishID: RendleshamYour search has produced no results.
Meanwhile each and every object selfishly removed now, in the past or future from this site and the area around it and not given even the minimal record provided by the PASDatabase is destruction and erosion of evidence.

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