Friday 27 March 2015

FLO's Contactid Evryone for me...

Over on a metal detecting forum near you we find a text which shows that the Portable Antiquities Scheme sometimes goes the extra mile for their artefact grabbing partners. Member "The Mole" ("Dig Everything, Miss Nothing") has got a new permission, an 18th century grade II listed building with 12 acres of land with it built on top of a thirteenth century hall. In the thread: "New permission from a favour" (Fri Mar 27, 2015 1:29 pm) he describes having some trouble checking out the protection status of the land around the site (presumably on the HER)
i have done as much checking as possible regarding the land its not on any sssi not marked as archaeological importance. i have contacted my flo she has also looked into it and contacted English heritage and cant find any reason for me not to detect it [emoticon] so looks like im good to go. [...] flo`s contacted everyone that needs contaqcting as far as she says
And this bit of "best practice" which urges artefact collectors to stay off known sites, when did this come into her helpful outreach to this one? What is going on there? Who pays this woman's salary and for what? Has she established procedure with him for the excavation of any hoard as at Lenborough right next to the farm's main buildings? Why do I think this aspect of best practice is not going to be one of the dominant themes being discussed on the PAS's secret forum?

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