Wednesday 13 May 2020

A Mystery at Oxford The university has half a million ancient papyrus fragments. They started to go missing.

Ariel Sabar@arielsabar·4 g.
This serpentine story of faith and fraud took months to investigate. It features an Oxford don, an evangelical business tycoon, and a disemboweler of mummy masks. A Bible museum in DC, a castle in Waco, and the largest papyrus collection in the world.
And well repays reading. It makes a coherent story from what emerged in confusing fragments (would be worth making into another book when those further details mentioned at the end emerge - though I doubt we will ever learn full story). New details emerge about Scott Carroll and the end of his employment by the Greens and at Baylor, that  Professor David Lyle Jeffrey of Baylor University knew about a piece of deception from the start and remained silent until now, and new details about Yakup Eksioglu.

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