Wednesday 27 May 2020

"Understanding the Contemporary Market for Antiquities": Erin Thompson's Auction Houses Exercise for Students

Erin L. Thompson @artcrimeprof tweeted 3 hours ago:
I had fun making an interactive activity for walking a class through an investigation of an antiquities auction for provenance and authenticity concerns. Use it in your art history, classics, or cultural property class if you want! Link.
It is well written in the author's inimitably humorous but open and informative style and has several sections:
Antiquities for Makers
Antiquities for Pre-Meds
Antiquities for People Who Don’t Blush Easily
Antiquities for Poli-Sci Majors
Antiquities for People Who Like to Play with Fire
Antiquities for Military History Buffs
Antiquities for Animal Lovers
Antiquities for Slackers
(the last one you can't actually choose) and then:
If after this exercise, you want to keep up with fakes, looting, and other scandals in the antiquities market, here are some good sources:
Some of the antiquities given as examples have been discussed  in the social media by Prof Thompson and myself (I'm even cited as an "expert" on erotic art in one section)

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