Wednesday 6 May 2020

Pandora IV Film (Part II)

This is part two of my discussion of the implications of the Pandora IV video EUROPOLtube  (the first part is above here).  It is cobbled together from at least ten scenes and there is no soundtrack to explain what's going on. This just discusses the last three scenes for completeness. 
Scene 8) A complete change of scene. a) Some heroic and photogenic diving going on... (1:26 to 2:03). Three police divers are measuring something, groping around on the seabed, writing something down. b) we see some storage buildings some Guardia guys go in, handle some sophisticated equipment, take some out, c) we see a cannon (?) being loaded into a van (2:16 to 2:28), and then some lifting bags and other equipment
This looks like a raid on underwater looters. 
Scene 9) The next sequence is a bit of a puzzle. We've heard this story from another angle. It was Arthur Brand who (at least that's what the newspapers say) traced these Visigothic panels in January 2019 - before 'Pandora IV'. We see them being packed up and flown somewhere. (2:29 to 3:03). It's not entirely clear what the relevance is. 
This scene is pretty boring. Note the attempt to use white cotton gloves. Why in the earlier sequence were the faces of the officers obscured, and here we see them? What's the difference?
Scene 10) Some guys get taken away in police cars (3:03 to 3:15) b) are fingerprinted and c) put into a holding cell (the lady closing the door seems to be the same one as in the scene of searching the diver's storeroom). 
and probably we will never hear what the outcome of any court case was, if there was one.

As is the case with all of the other raids.

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