Wednesday 27 May 2020

Hoard Found on Pasture On Teesdale Farmland

'Outdoor exercise', fat guy in camo lounging
 around after finding Treasure on pasture
Oh, innat nice? A nice puff article about artefact hunters ostentatiously donating to a local charity ('Treasure hunters' £250 'thank you' for allowing access to Dale land' Teesdale Mercury 26 May 2020). That Dale land of course being pasture, where responsible detectorists are asked to keep away from. The West Lancashire Metal Detecting Club has managed to scrape together the magnificent sum of 250 quid between them (about the cost of a pint of beer from each of its fifty or so members) for a charity that helps people living in remote areas, and expect us all to cheer them along in their heritage-grabbing enterprises. Hmmm. And, "just by coincidence" of course:
The club is now looking for more places in Teesdale where they can search for finds. Mr Morrison said: “We are currently looking for farmers and landowners to gain permissions in the area of Teesdale so that we can raise some much-needed funds for organisations like Teesdale Day Clubs so we’ll be putting something back into the local community.
Oh, and the artefacts for them themselves to pocket, unless they are a haul of Treasure in which case we'll all be out of pocket giving them a reward for not flogging them off.

See Martin Paul, 'Spectacular' Bronze Age hoard found on land at Teesdale farm' Teesdale Mercury 20 Aug 2019.

Not forgetting this numbingly-boring video of a increasingly messy and rather pointless keyhole "excavation" by the mouthy Durham FLO with the heavy breathing intro:

Eggleston hoard Posted on You Tube by Phil Holt 26 Jul 2019.

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Brian Mattick said...

Bronze Age socketed spearheads, of which there are several there, areworth a pretty penny.

The fact a £250 charitable donation is being offered suggests there may have been no detecting agreement or agreement on who should get the loot. If so, the goods belong to the landowner, and not just a derisory percentage of their value, all of them.

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