Wednesday 13 May 2020

Landowners Obligations to People Entering their Property During Pandemic

Hand sanitiser dispenser
From a Farming Forum concerning recreational activities on their property
[...] The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) has issued the following update: [...] You can take part in exercise or activity alone or with your household.
1. You can also now meet one person outside of your household to exercise but you must stay two metres apart.
2. There is a two person limit on gathering to exercise or take part in activity unless you are exercising with your household.
3. Check in advance if the facilities you want to use have reopened.
4. If exercising in the countryside remember to follow the countryside code and act responsibly.
5. Once you are home remember to wash your hands.

But why only when home? If people outside their homes have been touching things (gates, stiles) or picking things up from the dirt, that's where they pick up contamination. If a landowner allows people onto their property where they may pick up contamination, it is their obligation to provide facilities for decontamination BEFORE somebody leaves the premises and spreads it further (like going to a petrol station) before arriving home.

Landowners should remember that on admitting artefact hunters to seek Treasure and coins on their land, they are responsible for them while they are on his or her land, just the same as any of his employees. There should be hand washing opportunities and hand sanitisers at entry and exit points for people entering the farm (a workplace after all).

Also when meeting finders to examine what they've found and sign the protocols assigning title for anything they remove, social distancing must be maintained, and masks and gloves should be worn by both parties as a minimum precaution.

 Otherwise claims could be bought by anyone affected by a landowner's failure to 'be alert' and make adequate protection available. There are going to be a lot of lawyers around in the next few years pursuing CV-related compensation claims.

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