Wednesday 27 May 2020

Ooooo- Temptation (?)

Reading this blog has its uses. You can learn that a buyer could now acquire this item for a reduced price. They could, but...

Sublime Upper Palaeolithic Portable Antiquity


Brian Mattick said...

I've had two messages from the seller, one saying it's real and one saying it's genuine. So I'd say he's either deluded or a crook, with my money on the latter.

Paul Barford said...

It is a genuine stone, not a virtual one. Can't fault him on that.

Brian Mattick said...

Well, a judge would say the asking price idicates he's saying it's more than just a stone so he wouldn't get away with wide eyed innocence!

David Knell said...

Common sense would seem to suggest that the seller is cleverly conning gullible punters. But common sense is an alien (no pun intended) concept to the World of Pseudoarchaeology, and the seller is probably as thick and credulous as the fools he sells to. Thus, it would be difficult to prove a case of deliberate fraud

Don't blame PAS. No amount of 'outreach' could penetrate the skulls of these people. They'd just hit a brick wall.

A few months ago I attempted to challenge his US counterpart (in Iowa I think) who was posting pics of rocks on Facebook. I tried posting studies from archaeologists, geologists, etc. only to be rebuffed with a few expletives and a knowing wink. You see those scientist types are all part of a grand secret conspiracy hellbent on hiding the truth from ordinary people like him.

I find the best approach is to just quietly back away and close the door silently behind me.

Paul Barford said...

Maybe it's not so much "blaming PAS" for people's thickness, but there seems no point setting up an educational institution to educate the public on portable antiquities if (a) it does little more than go through "some" motions, and (b) it turns out (as we both know) that a large part of the public that actually is involved with portable antiquities is thicker than the two shortest planks in the universe. So, they are taking public money to do what quite obviously can be done no more effectively than trying to empty the Humber estuary with a sieve. Meanwhile charlatans, ignorami and crooks dominate the antiquities market and nobody is any the wiser.

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