Monday 25 May 2020

Hiatus (Personal)

photo Chido-Fajny
There was a bit of a hiatus here. I was suddenly hospitalised last Tuesday (19th May) and spent the week in the neurological ward of the local hospital having lots of tests and being looked after by wonderful Polish doctors and nurses (the best). Thank you, Dr Uchmann.

I felt and feel fine, though have lost eight hours of short-term memory, which seems a small price to pay for the lesson I learnt about the consequences of being blasé about certain existing conditions. Other effects include learning from the tests done that I do not have two conditions that were diagnosed some time ago.* I got back most of my memory except those eight hours when was in the throes of the crisis, and I might be having some minor problems with accessing bits of my Polish vocabulary, but not English and maybe some minor motor issues (the first ten minutes of trying to type were frustrating and initially frightening, but my brain got used to pressing the key a little more to the left and it seems to be OK now). So, all in all, frankly an intriguing experience. Especially it happening during a pandemic.. but everything was very well organised from that point of view. Much better than in crappy old England.

Anyway, due to a quick reaction from the ambulance service at four in the morning, a certain callous and gauche metal detectorist will have to wait a little longer to "read Mr Barford's obituary".

*it's sort of like archaeology, we can never know the past, and the doctor will only know what really is wrong with us when they can get the corpse and cut it open.

Vignette, my experience was a bit different from that of this Mexican blogger living in Poland, but the link might interest somebody. 

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