Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Discipline and the Ethics of Data-Sourcing

Arthur Houghton III considers it perfectly OK for "scholars" to ignore the ethical issues and use "important unprovenanced material" in their work and feels that there should even be some form of drastic punishment for those who refuse to handle such material. In April, two German investigators illegally obtained samples of material from the cartouche of Khufu in one of the relieving chambers inside the Great Pyramid. I would be interested to hear the opinions of artefact collectors who are not at all concerned to exclude looted or smuggled material from their database whether they think that the dates obtained by Dresden University from those samples should be used in archaeological discussions, and whether the origin of data used has any significance. Is using data from such samples condoning, and becoming accomplice to, the act that led to them being created? 

The areas where samples were illegally removed (Monika Hana)

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