Sunday, 15 December 2013

Farmer Brown finds a new contender for the title "the biggest detecting scam in the world”

Where would landowners be without Farmer Brown? Writing on Heritage Journal 15/12/2013 he exposes what he calls "a new contender in the “biggest detecting scam in the world” contest!" this refers to the Constitution of the  The Cotswold Heritage and Detecting Society (who say they are in it for “enjoyment and historical research”) which appropriates to its Committee the right to “dispose of all finds made on Club sites with a realisable value of £1000 or more" and furthermore unilaterally rips the hapless landowner off: "The finder will be entitled to 60% of said value”. Though they do go so far as to buy landowners “gifts of spirits at Christmas to ensure continued access to their land”. Big deal, eh?

UPDATE 15.12.13
A transatlantic blog is referring readers to this post suggesting that it is "ROFLMAO comical". For guffawing simple-minded metal detectorists over the sea, stealing from the landowners gracious enough to allow artefact hunters on their land is nothing to get concerned about, it is instead hilarious to see somebody objecting.  That, dear reader is what many metal detectorists are like: take, take, take, ha ha. 

I see pro-detecting archaeologist Lisa McIntyre was reading this post this afternoon over in Florida. I wonder what she thinks about all this?  I am curious.

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